Nurse Paralegal - Certificate of Achievement (3210)

Division: Social Sciences Division

Major Requirements (21 Credits)
PLS 101Intro. to Law for Paralegals3
PLS 102Legal Research and Writing3
PLS 105Torts3
PLS 107Contracts3
PLS 202Adv. Legal Research & Writing3
PLS 205Administrative Law3
PLS 206Litigation Procedures3
Total Credits21
  • To enter this program, you need at least an associate’s degree in Nursing, and you must also be able to demonstrate that you have met the general education requirements of Essex County College. In addition, you must show evidence of at least two years of nursing experience.
  • The Nurse Paralegal program prepares students to work under the supervision of an attorney. A paralegal shall not engage in the unauthorized practice of law. Only attorneys can provide legal services directly to the public.


  1. For an explanation of why General Education courses are included in this Program, please refer to the Section on General Education for an explanation of its Purpose and Requirements.
  2. This plan assumes the student is eligible to enroll in College Level Courses (designated as 100 +, e.g., ACC 102 Prin Accounting II ManagerialHST 131 Latin American History IMTH 221 Calc with Analytic Geom III).  Placement results will determine College Level Readiness in English and Mathematics.