Enrollment Status and Student Categories

ECC recognizes the following categories of student as:

Matriculated students: Students officially enrolled in programs of study leading to degree or certificate.

Non-matriculated Students: Students taking credit courses for personal interest, career advancement, enrichment, or transfer to another college where they are matriculate. Non-matriculated students are not eligible for financial aid. It is recommended that non-matriculated students enroll in no more than two courses a semester and that at the completion of 12 credits they consider matriculating. Credits earned while non-matriculated may be used later in a degree of certificate program at ECC if the student matriculates or they may be transferred to a different institution.

Enrollment Verification: A student who wants an official verification of enrollment status, part-time or full-time for a specific semester or term, can complete and submit to Enrollment Services an Enrollment Verification Letter Request form which is available at Enrollment Services and also online  (https://essexcountycollege.wufoo.com/forms/k1942x2v0ofb725/).