Degree Students

Upon completion of 40 credits, currently enrolled and matriculated students receive degree audits to determine compliance with the requirements in their primary major. Students who are approved for a second major should file a Degree Audit Request Form at the Enrollment Services Office during their final semester. Graduation with an Associate degree requires completion of all required coursework; CGPA of 2.0 or higher; grades of “C” or better in required courses in the major course category; at least half the total of required credits taken at ECC; at least half of the total required major course credits taken at ECC; and, all monies owed to the college to have been paid. Students wishing to pursue a second degree should meet with the Chair of the major for the second degree and complete an “Application for Second Degree” form if approved indicating which major is primary and which is secondary, which must also be approved by the Academic Dean or Chief Academic Officer, who will forward it to the Registrar. Second degree students must complete a Degree Audit Request form in Enrollment Services immediately during their final academic period. However, a student who earns a degree in a given program cannot subsequently earn a degree in a similar program without taking additional course work. A student has not been approved for a second degree until the Registrar issues an official notification.

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