Tuition Refund Policy

All cash paying students (non-financial aid) who officially withdraw from ECC (by completing and submitting a withdrawal form online or in person at Enrollment Services), or officially drops a course(s), may receive a tuition refund based on refund schedule available at Bursar’s Office. Students who withdraw after dates listed in the schedule will be responsible for payment of the entire bill. Students who are on a deferred payment plan must also follow the schedule and arrange to pay any outstanding balance if the recalculation of tuition and fees is larger than the amount already paid. To be eligible for a refund or adjustment, a student must officially drop or withdraw from the class. Non-attendance does not constitute an official withdrawal and is not covered by the refund policy. The processing of refunds takes approximately 30 days. Refund checks are made available through the Bursar’s Office. Fees are non-refundable except for course cancellations and for Drops prior to the first day of the semester.

Financial Aid Refund Policy

Students receiving financial aid who totally withdraw may have to return all or part of funding from the student financial aid programs.