Division of Nursing and Health Sciences

This division offers A.S. programs designed to prepare students for transfer to 4-year institutions, and A.A.S. and a certificate program designed to prepare for health careers upon graduation. Programs utilize state-of-the-art-on-campus laboratories to facilitate student learning. Faculty are licensed to practice in respective fields and hold diverse academic and professional backgrounds; most hold advanced practice credentials in their professional field.

Location: Health Sciences Building (Level I and Level II)

Chairperson: Gale Gage

Administrative Assistant: Robbyn Graham

Coordinators and Faculty:


         Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN):

                Coordinator: Gennevieve Danville

                Faculty: Gervida Constant

           Registered Nurse (RN) & LPN-RN Articulation

                   Coordinator: Gale Gage

                     Faculty: Gervida Constant, Gennevieve Danville, Donna Francis, Gale Gage,

                     Majuvi Sulse, Korena Stewart, and Lori York

Physical Therapist Assistant:

           Coordinator: Christine Stutz-Doyle

           Faculty: Thomas Donofrio, Christine Stutz-Doyle and Kenneth Mailly,


             Coordinator:  Darlyn Warner

             Faculty: Mary Ellen Carpenter, Darlyn Warner

Vision Care Technology:

             Coordinator: Charles Harrison

             Faculty: Charles Harrison

Degree and Certificate programs:

  • Health Science (A.S.) - Code 2114
  • Physical Therapist Assistant (A.A.S.) - Code 2106
  • Radiography (A.A.S.) - Code 2105
  • Vision Care Technology (A.A.S.) - Code 2122
  • Vision Care Technology Certificate of Achievement - Code 3310


All applicants to Nursing and Health Sciences programs must meet special admission requirements. While waiting for admission, students are urged to begin taking core curriculum requirements, contact the divisional chair or faculty advisors for details. Admission to programs in the division is competitive; also contact counselors, faculty advisors, and/or Enrollment Service for additional details.

An individual who has charges pending or has ever been convicted of a felony or misdemeanor and/or found guilty of professional misconduct or negligence may or may not be eligible to be licensed as an allied health professional. These matters should be cleared with the respective licensing boards before applying for admission to allied health programs.