Division of Humanities and Bilingual Studies

Bilingual Studies

The department offers non-degree programs in English as a Second Language (ESL), as well as courses in world languages. In order to supplement the classroom experience, the Bilingual Studies faculty participate in, develop, and support cultural events, organizations, and activities designed to promote feelings of positive cultural awareness among students and the Bilingual communities of Essex County. Advising, tutoring, computer-assisted language learning, and other support services are also available to students.

Location: level I, Red Area

Chairperson: Mamie Bridgeforth

Faculty: Mila Bruan, John Hills, Michael Pekarofski, and Samuel Lumbsden

Administrative Assistant: Gloria Gamboa

English as a Second Language (ESL) academic courses

Students work on improving their proficiency in English through a series of courses:

  • ESL 031 ESL Intensive Experience: American Culture (3 Credits)
  • ESL 032 ESL Intensive Experience: Listening/Comprehension and Speaking (6 Credits)
  • ESL 033 ESL Intensive Experience: Reading and Writing (6 Credits)
  • ESL 041 ESL Basic Academic Grammar (4.6 Credits)
  • ESL 043 ESL Reading, Writing and Communication I (6 Credits)
  • ESL 051 Form and Function of English (3 Credits)
  • ESL 053 ESL Reading, Writing and Communication II (6 Credits)
  • ESL 061 Advanced Academic Grammar for Writing (3 Credits)
  • ESL 062 Active Listening and Speaking (3 Credits)
  • ESL 063 ESL Reading, Writing and Communication III (6 Credits)

Students my register for a limited number of additional courses taught in Spanish or English while they are taking ESL courses. The idea is to give students more opportunities to improve their proficiency in English while fulfilling college requirements and electives.

The ESL program is available through placement by the Department of Bilingual Studies. In many cases, students in these courses are professionals or college graduates seeking to improve their English as rapidly as possible. Various cultural and educational activities serve to enhance and reinforce the learning experience to prepare students to enter college-level courses directly or to successfully compete in the job market and is available through placement by the department of Bilingual Studies. While learning a foreign language, students also have the opportunity to develop cultural awareness and sensitivity to meet the demands of an increasingly global and culturally diverse society.

Division of Humanities

This division offers A.A. and A.S. degree programs that are transferable to 4-year institutions; an A.A.S. and a certificate program in Digital Media and Electronic Publishing. In addition, the division offers general education courses in Art, English, History, Music, and World Languages required for degree programs as well as developmental courses in English to assist students not fully prepared for college-level courses.

Location: Level I, Red Area

Chairperson: Mamie Bridgeforth

Coordinator: Michelle Bryson

Coordinator (English): Jamal Elborj

Faculty: Richard Alston, Patricia Bartinique, Viral Bhatt, Jeffrey Curtis, Eileen DeFreece, Rita Higgins, Nessie Hill, Carol Kushner, Mikal Nash, Sean O’Connell, Herbert Schlager, Robert Spellman, Margaret Stevens, William Tooma, and Rebecca Williams

Administrative Assistant: Gloria Gamboa

Degree and Certificate Programs.

•          Art (A.A.) - Code 0401

•          Art Certificate of Achievement - Code 3072         

•          Digital Media and Electronic Publishing Certificate of Achievement - Code 3071

•           Liberal Arts (A.A.) - Code 0199

•           Liberal Arts: Africana Studies Option (A.A.) - Code 019A

•           Liberal Arts: Communications Option (A.A.) - Code 019C

•           Liberal Arts: Journalism Option (A.A.) - Code 019J

•           Liberal Arts: Spanish Language Option (A.A.) - Code 019L

•           Music (A.S.) - Code 0409

•           New Media Technology (A.A.S.) - Code 2071