Technical Studies: Uniform Construction Code Technology - AAS (5305)

Division: Mathematics, Engineering Technologies and Computer Sciences (METCS) Division

General Education Requirements (20 Credits)
Written & Oral Communication (6)
ENG 101College Composition I3
ENG 102College Composition II3
or ENG 105 Technical Writing
Quantitative/Scientific Knowledge, Skills & Reasoning (8)
Select one Math course from the following:4
MTH 100, MTH 101, MTH 113, MTH 119, MTH 120, MTH 121, MTH 122
Select one Science course from the following:4
BIO 101, BIO 102, BIO 103, BIO 104, BIO 116, BIO 121, BIO 122, BIO 211, BIO 220, BIO 237,
CHM 101, CHM 102, CHM 103, CHM 104, GEO 101, GEO 102,
PHY 101, PHY 102, PHY 103, PHY 104, PHY 113, PHY 114
Society & Human Behavior (3)
Select one of the following:3
ANT 101, ANT 105, ECO 101, ECO 102, POL 104, PSY 101, PSY 102, PSY 219, SOC 101, SOC 108, SOC 219
Historical Perspective (3)
Select any History (HST) course3
Major Requirements (33 Credits)
UCC 109Subcode Official3
UCC 110Construction Official3
CEE 298Cooperative Edu. Experience I2
CEE 299Cooperative Edu. Experience II2
Technical Studies Electives 17-16
Code Concentration (7-16)
Select a concentration from the list below: 27-16
Building Code
Electrical Code
Fire Code
Plumbing Code
Additional Course Requirements (7 Credits)
ENR 100Fund. of Engineering Design2
ENR 105Applied Computer Aided Design2
Technical Elective 33
Total Credits60

The Technical Studies Electives are chosen based on a concentration in one of the technical areas listed below. Courses may be completed for credit at Essex County College or may be transferred in from construction trade programs where a license has been obtained.

The Technical Courses may be any additional (non-repeated) course designated ARC, CET, ELC, ENR, MET, or UCC or courses recommended and approved by an METCS Division academic advisor or faculty member.

  • If your concentration is in Building Code (16 credits) you will take 7 credits of Technical Courses.
  • If your concentration is in Electrical Code (7 credits) you will take 16 credits of Technical courses.
  • If your concentration is in Fire Code (12 credits) you will take 11 credits of Technical Courses.
  • If your concentration is in Plumbing Code (12 credits) you will take 11 credits of Technical Courses.

Choose the Technical Elective from the major course requirements indicated on the curriculum guides of the programs listed below or other appropriate programs. Programs and courses must be approved by an METCS Division academic advisor or faculty member.

  • Architectural Technology 2301
  • Civil Engineering Technology 5309
  • Computer-Aided Design Technology 3205
  • Computer Information Systems 2002
  • Computer Science 2302
  • Electrical Engineering Technology 2313
  • Engineering 0399
  • Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering Technology 2314


  • Building Code

UCC 119 Building Inspector RCS

UCC 121 Building Inspector ICS

UCC 220 Building Inspector HHS

  • Electrical Code

UCC 130 Electrical Inspector ICS

UCC 230 Electrical Inspector HHS

  • Fire Code

UCC 140 Fire Prot Inspector Part I

UCC 141 Fire Protection Inspector II

UCC 240 Fire Protection Inspector HHS

  • Plumbing Code

UCC 151 Plumbing Inspector ICS

UCC 250 Plumbing Inspector HHS


  1. For an explanation of why General Education courses are included in this Program, please refer to the Section on General Education for an explanation of its Purpose and Requirements. 
  2. This plan assumes the student is eligible to enroll in College Level Courses (designated as 100 +, e.g., ENG 101 College Composition I, HST 101 World Civilization I, MTH 100 Intro. to College Mathematics).  Placement results will determine College Level Readiness in English and Mathematics.