New Media Technology (NMT)

Division: Humanities and Bilingual Studies Division

NMT 101  Interactive Multimedia Design  (4 Credits)  

This course is an introduction to New Media Technology design. Students will be able to develop a foundation in the utilization of diverse technologies such as animation, interactive two-dimensional and three-dimensional design, audio and video editing, and virtual/augmented reality. Emphasis will be placed upon being able to make use of various industry standard applications and platforms.

Pre-requisites: (Write Placer Essay with a score of 1 and Reading (Next-Gen) with a score of 200)

NMT 201  Advanced Interactive Design  (4 Credits)  

This course will allow students to further develop their skills in designing digital animated and interactive design content. Students will be able to work with industry standard applications and platforms in fields such as two-dimensional and three-dimensional design, including, but not limited to: gaming, social media, virtual/augmented reality, and 3D printing.

Pre-requisites: ART 171 with a minimum grade of C or NMT 101 with a minimum grade of C

NMT 202  Game Design and Applications  (3 Credits)  

This course introduces the student to the principles of game design, including imagining the game, defining the way it will work, describing the elements of the game and transmitting the information to the team which will build the game. The student will learn to create interactive games for different platforms. Storyboarding, character development, interactivity and introductory scripting will be covered.

Pre-requisites: ART 171 with a minimum grade of C or NMT 201 with a minimum grade of C