Finance - AS (2016)

Division: Business Division

The A.S. in Finance is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP),

General Education Requirements (32 Credits)
Written & Oral Communication (6)
ENG 101College Composition I3
ENG 102College Composition II3
Quantitative/Scientific Knowledge, Skills & Reasoning (8)
Select one Math course from the following:4
MTH 100, MTH 101, MTH 113, MTH 119, MTH 120, MTH 121, MTH 122, MTH 127
Select one Science course from the following:4
BIO 101, BIO 102, BIO 103, BIO 104, BIO 116, BIO 121, BIO 122, BIO 211, BIO 220, BIO 237,
CHM 101, CHM 102, CHM 103, CHM 104, GEO 101, GEO 102,
PHY 101, PHY 102, PHY 103, PHY 104, PHY 105, PHY 113, PHY 114,
Technological Competency (3)
CIS 131Micro Computers in Business3
Society and Human Behavior (9)
ECO 101Principles of Economics I (Macro)3
ECO 102Principles of Economics II (Micro)3
Select one of the following:3
ANT 101, ANT 105, POL 104, PSY 101, PSY 102 , PSY 219, SOC 101, SOC 108, SOC 219
Humanistic Perspective (3)
Select any English Literature course3
or Select one of the following courses:
Historical Perspective (3)
Select any History (HST) course3
Major Requirements (15 Credits)
FIN 101Introduction to Finance3
FIN 201Money and Banking3
FIN 207Principles of Investments3
FIN 209International Finance3
FIN 211Fin.Sem./Exp.& Directed Study3
Additional Course Requirements (13 Credits)
ACC 101Prin of Accounting I Financial4
BUS 101Business Organization & Mgmt3
BUS 201Principles of Management3
Select one of the following:3
BUS 211, BUS 231, BUS 251
Total Credits60


  1. For an explanation of why General Education courses are included in this Program, please refer to the Section on General Education for an explanation of its Purpose and Requirements. 
  2. This plan assumes the student is eligible to enroll in College Level Courses (designated as 100 +, e.g., ENG 101 College Composition I, HST 101 World Civilization I, MTH 100 Intro. to College Mathematics).  Placement results will determine College Level Readiness in English and Mathematics.