Regular and prompt attendance is essential for academic success. Faculty members take attendance at each scheduled class session. Students are expected to attend and be on time for all classes. Individual faculty members may establish specific attendance policies and it is the responsibility of the student to know and follow attendance policies as required for each course. Insufficient attendance at regularly scheduled classes may negatively affect a student’s final grade.

A student who is absent from all classes during the first ten class days of the fall and spring semester, or the first five days of the summer terms, will be recorded as a “No show”. A withdrawal will appear on the student’s record and the student will be notified of the “No Show” status in one or more courses, which may affect their eligibility for financial aid and veteran’s benefits.

Students with irregular attendance, who have not officially withdrawn from a class, may be recorded as “Not in Attendance” and may receive a grade of “F” or, if they stopped attending and did not complete the course may receive a grade of “WU” (Withdrawal Unofficial). The WU will not be calculated into the grade point average, but the F will. These statuses may also affect their eligibility for financial aid and veteran’s benefits.