Computer and Network Support - Certificate of Achievement (3321)

Division: Mathematics, Engineering Technologies and Computer Sciences (METCS) Division

General Education Requirements (6 Credits)
Written & Oral Communication (3)
ENG 101College Composition I3
Technological Competency (3)
CSC 100Fundamental of Computer Scienc3
Major Requirements (23 Credits)
CSC 113Intro Linux/UNIX Operating Sys4
CSC 114Computer Networks I4
CSC 116Intro to Comp/Network Security4
CSC 137Intro. to Programming in Java3
CSC 214Computer Networks II4
CSC 253Intro. System & Cloud Admin.4
Total Credits29

Note: The minimum passing grade for all courses designated CSC is C. If you earn a grade below C, you need to repeat that course.


  1. For an explanation of why General Education courses are included in this Program, please refer to the Section on General Education for an explanation of its Purpose and Requirements.
  2. This plan assumes the student is eligible to enroll in College Level Courses (designated as 100 +, e.g., ACC 102 Prin Accounting II ManagerialHST 131 Latin American History IMTH 221 Calc with Analytic Geom III).  Placement results will determine College Level Readiness in English and Mathematics.