Grading System

Quality Points Per Letter Grade

                                           Description                                           Credit Hour

A                                             Superior                                                     4.0

B+                                           Very Good                                                 3.5

B                                             Good                                                          3.0

C+                                           Above Average                                         2.5

C                                             Satisfactory                                              2.0

D                                             Passing                                                     1.0

F                                              Failing                                                       0.0

I                                               Incomplete                                               0.0

Incomplete Grade denotes student has completed 75% of assigned course work with a grade of C or better but did not complete all course requirements. The faculty member must attach completed ECC Change of Grade Form if work is completed with the agreed timeframe. After 6 months, the “I” will be recorded as an “F.”

The following grades are not calculated in the GPA:

P                                  Passing                                                                              0.0

NG                              No Grade received                                                             0.0

T                                  Tutorial                                                                               0.0

W                                Withdrawal                                                                          0.0

WU                             Withdrawal Unofficial                                                         0.0

AU                              Audit                                                                                     0.0

CR                               Credit                                                                                    0.0

M                                Making Progress (insufficient to move to next level)  0.0

S                                  Satisfactory                                                                        0.0

Grades of “D” may not fulfill certain course prerequisites and major course requirements and may not transfer to other institutions, but otherwise they may not need to be retaken.