Cooperative Education (CEE)

Division: Business Division

CEE 298  Cooperative Edu. Experience I  (1-6 Credits)  

This course is designed to give students practical employment experience in their majors or related fields of study. Students typically work for a 12- to 15-week period under supervision in the workplace and are guided through their experiences by faculty advisors. Participants in this course also receive classroom training in the Career Development Seminar I – Preparing for the Workplace, which covers career assessment and planning, resume writing, interviewing, and job search techniques.

CEE 299  Cooperative Edu. Experience II  (1-6 Credits)  

Students participating in a second cooperative education experience receive continued or additional employment experience in positions related to their majors or career goals. Participants in this course receive classroom training in the Career Development Seminar II – Succeeding in the Workplace, which teaches business communication, teamwork, leadership, and other skills necessary for job success.